We integrate systems. Your systems.

Expertize Connect is probably the simplest and most cost-effective service integration solution for your interface projects. Connect any systems such as ServiceNow, Ivanti, SAP or Jira in no time at all. With our partly preconfigured services or generic web service adapters you connect not only all your common systems, but also your more exotic ones.

 Infinite possibilities with crystal clear advantages!

Be one step ahead of everyone else.


Certified and optimized connectors for leading IT systems and a * wizard * for everything else.

Change in business processes

Change and unify how data and processes flow through your systems.

Transparency & Control

Combine CRM and ERP, ticketing and project management. Integrate internal and external partners.

Data quality & efficiency

Synchronize master data across systems and automate processes between IT systems.

Your integration - fast and easy!

Simple and uncomplicated, you will wish you had started earlier.

1. On-Premise or SaaS - the choice is yours

You install Connect in your infrastructure as your private integration hub or give us all the responsibility from security to availability by using our SaaS offer. The frontend remains the same: a modern web interface for configuring your interfaces, anytime, anywhere!

2. Connect systems

Our preconfigured services connect systems to Connect, including various ITSM tools, project management software such as JIRA or enterprise software such as SAP. Even generic web service integrations are no problem: SOAP, REST and JSON are already available today.

3. Define rules and transform data

Now all you have to do is configure the rules for your integration. A wizard guides you through this task, so that no technical know-how is necessary. You know the professional procedure? Then you can also configure the data flows. And if a system understands another language or expects different formats, you can manipulate them on the way from A to B.

Find your perfect solution.


Connect On-Premise

Install Connect in your own infrastructure and keep your data in-house. Administration and availability are your responsibility.

They have a one-time purchase cost and in the following years only costs for maintenance (updates & patches) and support arise.

Connect as a Service

We host Connect for you and take responsibility for the availability of your interfaces. Also 24/7! For annual subscription fees you thus secure the operation of your interfaces. Cancelable at any time, expandable at any time. And if you decide to run the application in-house, you can change the model at any time.


The 5 most common mistakes about service integration.

That's not true! Expertize Connect focuses on the technical challenges of integration. The technology can be up and running in a very short time. Where traditional interfaces usually take 3-6 months from planning to implementation, Connect achieves the goal within a few days.

It does not have to be that way. Traditional interfaces are developed and implemented by Time & Material. With Expertize Connect these expenses do not arise. And if you choose a subscription and / or SaaS model, you will not even pay for hardware and software.

Only if the responsibility is unclear. Expertize Connect ensures operations run, including technical support and maintenance. Status and transmission monitoring is in real time!

That's not true. The data flows may already be, but the systems to be integrated are usually common IT systems of well-known manufacturers. Here we have certified services that are above all one thing: reusable. If necessary, we also adhere to well-known frameworks such as ITIL and SIAM.

Wherever new interfaces are created by necessary adjustments in traditional interfaces, Expertize Connect is only configured. In just a few minutes, the source or destination is connected to new systems and ready for use again.

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